2011 – an addendum

Immediately after posting what at face value appears to be a glowing review of this past year I must confess that this has also been an incredibly challenging year on a number of levels.  It is not my intent to mislead or to clean up the rough parts.  It certainly was not the great and fulfilling year I wrote about because there was no pain or heartache, and it wasn’t a great and fulfilling year despite the pain and heartache.

It’s more complex than that.

In addition I’ve certainly rejected the cliche yearbook quote “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  That simply isn’t true.  In fact I would say what doesn’t kill you makes you softer and more compassionate and I’ve personally found I am much more in want of compassion and kindness than pure strength.

I think Jim James is on to something when he sings on MMJ’s newest album, “If it would have been easy, I would not have cared.” In fact, I would say that this year has been so fulfilling and valuable because of the pain and heartache.  This year means a lot more to me than a year marked by ease and painlessness.


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