Best Beers of 2012…so far

The best beers that I’ve tried this year are as follows.

1. Widmer Bros. Oatmeal Porter
Truly an impressive Porter. The creamy texture coupled with the flavor of toasted oats makes it taste like you’re drinking a Mocha. Possibly the best porter I’ve ever had.

2. Logsdon Farms Seizoen
Everyone is trying to brew a good Saison right now, and no one does it better than Logsdon Farms. Both the regular and Brett versions are fantastic. If you can find the regular version on tap, order away!

3. Pelican + Gigantic Schwatzenfreude
Gigantic is a new brewery that appears to be opening up in SE Portland possibly this summer? I tried a sample of this Baltic Porter at Hawthorne Hophouse and was impressed with the rich chocolate and coffee notes. Looking forward to trying their other beers.

4.  Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye
I’m loving the addition of Rye in IPA’s. Strong, smoky malt character really compliments the sharp piney NW hops. Pretty tough to beat the packaging on this one as well!

5. Fort George Sunrise Oatmeal Pale Ale
Smooth and creamy malt ends with a long-lasting citrusy punch. Honestly after a drink it would linger for about 5 minutes! AND it’s only 5.3% alcohol which as I’m getting older I appreciate more and more.


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