With getting a taste of the current 70-80 degree weather AND emailing in both of my final papers last week my mind is starting to head toward summer.

This summer will be filled with…
-hanging with my boys (and my girl).
-mowing the lawn while Gram follows me around with his little mower.
-brewing summer beers: Bavarian Hefeweizen, German Pils, Berliner Weisse, IPA, and a Widmer Summer Ale clone to be exact.
-regularly grilling meat.
-fixing up the garage.
-rest and prayer.
-laughter with friends.
-the Zoo.
-spending some time on the coast.
-I’ll probably work a bit too. 🙂

This summer will not involve…
-writing papers.
-reading books that are not about baseball (or theology most-likely).
-packing my schedule full of “stuff” or overcommitting myself.

I LOVE the summertime and it’s too short of a season in Portland to waste it or to be stressed the entire time.  I’m excited to slow down a bit, enjoy my family, and not overwork or overcommit.  Here’s to summer!


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