Couldn’t have said it better…

“I stand at the baggage claim. Again I am in an airport, again I am exhausted. I think about returning home to my family, my friends, and my ministry. It occurs to me that I have now been in ministry full time for seventeen years. As the bags pass by me, I think of all the countless young adults who have passed through my life during my years of ministry. I think to myself that I cannot do it anymore. I think of the hundreds if not thousands of coffees with young adults deconstructing their faiths, I think of the countless hours spent with people in discussions, conferences, events, and seminars dissecting the Church, dismembering Christian culture, hunting down the elusive ideal of relevance. I think of the masses of people I have been in Christian “community” with, people who enter your life for a time intensely, who share their darkest secrets and brightest hopes with you. People you pray with, cry with, worship with. Then after a few months, a year, or, if you are fortunate, a few years, they then pass out of your life. Later you bump into them at malls, parties, or downtown. There is that awkward moment, when you realize that the embers of faith have almost died out. Then comes the telltale line “I still believe in Jesus, but…” People who want to hold on to the certainty of faith but who wish to have the freedom of the secular, who end up crafting their own version of Christian faith. People who are happy to live on the fence between faith and disbelief. People who unwittingly end up using you because at the center of their new mode of faith is the selfishness of radical individuality. As the bags pass by me the way people come in and out of my life, my gut years for a different reality, the rediscovery of an older concept of faith, one rooted in faithfulness and devotion. Yet such ideals seem lost in our day.”

Mark Sayers
The Road Trip that Changed the World


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