For Reflection

Gordon Macdonald in his book “Building Below the Waterline” has a series of questions that he and his wife compiled to ask themselves when they think about growth.  Great questions!  Worth sharing.  Enjoy.

  • Am I too defensive when asked questions about the use of my time and the consistency of my spiritual disciplines?
  • Have I locked myself into a schedule that provides no rest or fun times with friends and family?
  • What does my day planner say about time for study, general reading, and bodily exercise?
  • What about the quality of my speech?  Do I whine and complain?  Am I frequently critical of people and institutions, or of those who clearly do not like me?
  •  Am I drawn to TV shows or entertainment that do not reflect my desired spiritual culture?
  • Am I tempted to stretch the truth, enlarge numbers that are favorable to me, or tell stories that make me look good?
  • Do I blame others for things that are my own fault or the result of my own choices?
  • Is my spirit in a state of quiet so I can hear God speak?

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