Campolo on Lust

“In most cases, persons who are sexually fulfilled in their marriages are that way because, having made a decision to be married, they simultaneously made a decision to find sexual fulfillment with their mates.

On the other hand, much sexual dissatisfaction in marriage stems from the fact that people refuse to take full advantage of the possibilities for sexual gratification that are inherent in their marriages.  Refusing to live within the limitations imposed by their marriages, they lust after other possibilities.

If such childish persons do get out of their marriages and into the relationships about which they have fantasized, they undoubtedly will be disappointed.  Their lustful cravings will not be gratified with their new partners, no matter what they dream, because their own failure to be satisfied with what they have is the real cause of their joylessness.  Like little children, they do not want what they possess, regardless of how wonderful it is; but instead, long for what they are not allowed to have.  The immature, who do not glory in what is theirs to enjoy, are easy victims of lust.”  Tony Campolo


2 thoughts on “Campolo on Lust

  1. Or, as I’ve heard said before (same idea, shorter sentence): Lust is wanting something different than what God is giving you.

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