Summer Reading List 2016

Summer is a time for enjoyable, restorative, fun, slightly easier reading. Church life slows down a bit, the weather is nice, got some vacation time coming. I try to select books that fit that vibe. Some are pure entertainment, some are authors I’ve had recommended to me, others are simply subjects that grabbed my attention.

Barbarian daysBarbarian Days; a Surfing Life – William Finnegan
To be honest, I have almost no interest in surfing but after all of the great reviews of this book plus a Pulitzer prize, I feel obligated. I also find it helpful to read about things I don’t know anything about. Surfing is one of those!


SupposedlyA Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again – David Foster Wallace
I’ve never read any DFW but excerpts and articles here and there. I LOVE the name of this book (my mind goes straight to Karaoke) and I’ve heard it’s a really engaging book of essays.


selfconsciousnessSelf-Consciousness; Memoirs – John Updike
I’ve really been on an Updike kick in the last year. I’m enjoying the final Rabbit book right now. His long, rambling, stream of consciousness writing really grabs me. I find myself rereading and digesting sentences often while reading him. Insightful, revolting, earthy, spiritual…I’m excited to read his memoirs.

sympathizerThe Sympathizer – Viet Thanh Nguyen
I’m trying to read the Pulitzer Prize winner each year. Apparently this novel won about everything else too.



canoeing the mountainsCanoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory – Tod Bolsinger
A friend recommended this to me a few weeks ago as we discussed self-differentiation.



unfamiliar fishesUnfamiliar Fishes – Sarah Vowell
I had a friend at the Ecclesia National Gathering recommend this to me. I had never heard of Vowell but it looks interesting.



diary ofThe Diary of a Country Priest – Georges Bernanos
I actually can’t believe I’ve never read this. I’ve owned a copy for years and have watched it sit on my shelf. 😦 One of those books that Eugene Peterson recommends so you know it’s worth your while.



best teamThe Best Team Money Can Buy – Molly Knight
Thank you Rob Grant for recommending this. A summer reading list isn’t complete without a book on baseball.




life's too shortLife’s Too Short To Pretend Your Not Religious – David Dark





the sonThe Son – Philipp Meyer




spectatorThe Spectator Bird – Wallace Stegner




nation of rebelsNation of Rebels; Why Counterculture Became Consumer Culture – Joseph Heath




strong andStrong and Weak; Embracing a Life of Love, Risk, and True Flourishing – Andy Crouch


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